Chicago Part 1

Finally, a patrol. Considering the iron fist the city was ruled with, Kitsune had expected to find one quicker, but it had taken four hours for a patrol to pass under her perch. That was one advantage to the Doctor’s modifications; she could stand on a flag pole with ease, and jump down with equal ease.

She unclipped her specially balanced kanabō, a spiked club, from her waist and raised it behind her head. Paint a ceiling, and throw. The club flew down from Kitsune’s perch and stuck fast into the furthest back of the four soldiers’ heads.

Kitsune leapt from her perch and landed next to the dead soldier. Rolling, she grabbed the club and wrenched it from his head. She swung up and knocked the gun from a soldier’s hands, then around and into his head knocking him down. She then leapt to the wall of one of the buildings’ sides and up to the opposite building’s roof, the remaining two soldiers’ gunfire following her.

Thunder and lightning, and one more soldier went down, this time from a bullet. Kitsune peeked over the edge of the building. That wasn’t her. The last soldier ran to cover behind a trashed car, but a black cloud rushed in front of him and formed into a woman.

She looked like a countess to Kitsune, in a black and gold dress. The woman cocked her head at the soldier. He started to raise his gun, but stopped; dropped it. The woman became a black cloud again, and rushed through the soldier, then rushed away. The soldier put his hand to his neck, and then collapsed.

Kitsune rushed to the side of the building that was closest to where she thought the other gunshot had come from. Looking over the edge, she saw someone walking out of the alley, carrying a large revolver. It was a girl, looked to about the same age as Kitsune, and had a katana at her hip.

Dropping down silently behind her, Kitsune could see the girl was in much more flashy attire. She had a bright red shirt and a just-shy-of-bright green skirt. Her dark brown hair went down to just below her shoulders, except for a long ponytail that went to her waist.

The girl walked carefully across the street to where the last soldier had fallen and kicked him. Seeing no sign of movement she turned back towards the alley way. Calm before the storm, and then thunder and lightning.

The bullet whizzed through the space where Kitsune had been. She jumped off the wall of the alley at the girl, drawing her kanabō as she did so. Thunder and lightning. Kitsune spun around, narrowly dodging the bullet. She came down just in front of the girl, and struck the gun from her hands.

“How did I miss you?” the girl screamed.

“Bad luck,” Kitsune replied with an even voice. The girl drew her sword and swung. Kitsune dodged back and deflected the blade.

“I don’t miss,” said the girl. Another swing, another dodge.

“You just did. Twice each.”

Kitsune caught sight of movement behind the girl. She jumped back to the side of a building and launched her kanabō into the last soldier to fall. He had gotten up, but now his head was pinned to the wall.

Kitsune remained hanging onto the windowsill she had jumped to, and waited for the girl to make her move. She did. She put the flat of the blade against her nose, and then sheathed it. Kitsune let herself fall to the ground, and went and retrieved her kanabō. The girl retrieved her gun and put it in her holster on her back, and then turned to face Kitsune.

“Do you have a name, kid?” Kitsune asked.

“I’m not a kid! I’m just as old as you.”

“Age doesn’t determine if you’re a kid, kid. Mine’s Kitsune.”

“Pernixa,” she grumbled.

“And what’s special about you?” Kitsune continued.

“What?” Pernixa replied indignantly.

“What’d the Doctor give you? I’m like a cat. I’m guessing yours has something to do with not missing?”

“Oh, that. Yeah, I never miss,” Pernixa said proudly.

“Except when you do.” Pernixa glared at Kitsune. “Listen, I don’t know why he picked you, but stay out of my way next time. I can do more than dodge,” Kitsune said, gesturing to the re-dead soldier.

“Fine, get lost, then!” Pernixa yelled after Kitsune as she leapt up to the rooftops.

Either the Doctor was getting sloppy or there’s more to this girl than meets the eye, thought Kitsune. She would have to look out for information about the girl from the other patrols.


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