The Psychic Box Part 1

Why did I agree to this? It was such a stupid request. Take this mystery package on a plane, nothing will go wrong. Sure, it’s been through the security, but why does this guy want it on the plane? Of course, now that I’m on board, there’s not much I can do about it, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it once I get to my destination. Sitting here with it in my lap isn’t helping my curiosity any, either. I’ve done the shaking trick, even though it never helped work out my Christmas presents. The package was a sort of rounded cube, which seemed odd considering that wouldn’t make for very efficient packaging. It was wrapped in paper bag materials, and I had some paper bags in my bags. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to unwrap it and then I could re-wrap it with the bags I had.

Halfway to Chicago, I finally gave in. I slowly unwrapped it, being careful not to rip too much in case I could salvage its wrapping. If you’ve ever seen any sci-fi you probably have an idea of what sort of object I found inside. It was indeed a rounded cube, and it had branching, glowing lines along it. Those lines were only dimly glowing when I first unwrapped it, but it slowly started to glow brighter and brighter. At that point, I was pretty concerned about it, and started to hurriedly wrap it up again, but too late.

I felt the plane shift, but instead of righting itself as it usually would, it continued to shift. We were going down, and fast. Before I could finish wrapping the object, it flew out of the packaging and floated in front of me as I held on to my seat. “I’m sorry about the transport, but it was a necessary side-effect of my activation.”

“Who said that?” I asked. No one paid me any heed, as we were now almost vertical, and everyone was focusing on not falling forward, even though the cabin was almost in zero-g.

“If I said that I did, you would not understand. However, if I wait until only you remain, you will have to understand that this cube said it.”

“Seriously!? Until only I remain?”

“Assuming this transport continues on its current course, it shall collide with the ground at high speed, the laws of physics will take control, and everyone will die. However, I intend to protect you against such an outcome. The others are expendable.”

“How are you supposed to protect me? Your just a voice!” By now we had reached the point where the plane was perfectly simulating a zero-g environment, so now everyone was focusing on screaming.

“If you really do not trust me, perhaps you should float down to the bridge and try to rectify the situation, and once you have realized the futility of the situation perhaps we will have crashed. Then you will see that I was right.”

“Right, well, I’m going down there.” I had never flown a plane, and had no idea what I would do when I got down there, but I figured I would either die or be a hero. As I floated down through the cabins, the cube floated along beside me.

“By the way, you should know that only you could hear me. I just found it amusing to hear you talking to a cube like a madman. You can just think it to me, I’ll hear it just fine that way.” As I got to the cockpit and reached for the handle of the door, the voice spoke again, “You have fifteen seconds to right the transport, a physical impossibility given the transport’s shape and method of acceleration. Ten seconds. The people who built me will either be very proud of their acheivement, or you will be dead.”

“You said I would live!”

“I may have lied.”

Collision. Gravity. The front of the plane moves inward, becomes the middle of the plane. Death. Crushed against the front of the plane. Walls dividing. Split to many pieces. Fire. Flames exploding, engulfing the plane.


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