The Psychic Box Part 3

“Oh, it seems I’m a bit late. The earthquake’s already hit.”

“Earthquake? This is one hell of an earthquake, looks more like a bomb fell!”

“Yes, but disasters like this will soon be commonplace for you descendants.”

“So, earthquakes like this will be happening all over the world?”

“No. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and every other natural disaster are currently occurring all over the world.”

The Earth of their time was in convulsions. Now I understood what that meant. “How many are left in the city?”

“Unknown. I have been trying to contact my siblings that are here, but only limited discussion is possible at the moment.”

“Siblings? There are more of you?”

“Yes, currently my brother Kelo (Kee-low) and sister Telah (Tea-lah) are in contact with me.”

“What have you learned?”

“Not enough. We’ve agreed to meet. Will you be coming? Or shall I have to float there by myself?”

“I’ll come.”

“Good. Into Limbo,” darkness, “Tell me, what do you think of Limbo?”

“It’s empty. Feels like death. I can’t imagine staying in here for very long.”

“Neither could your ancestors, but they were desperate. Now, to the meeting.”

I was in a construction site, although no construction was going on. It was night, and I and two others formed a triangle around a small fire. One of them had an exoskeleton suit like Ironman’s. The other had a cloak on, and one of his hands was cybernetic. Both were sitting cross-legged with their heads bowed, so I followed suit.

“That was impressive, newcomer,” said a deep, male voice.

“Yes, teleportation was a highly researched technology,” said a softer, female voice.

“Kelo and Telah, I trust?”

“Yes,” replied Telah, “What is your name?”

“I don’t care for names, but if you must have one, call me Zeur (Zee-or).”

“I do not recognize you, I do not trust you,” said Kelo.

“Understood, I was not created in the same facility. I am stolen tech.”

“We can not criticize eachother for our origins. We have come full circle, the Collapse is upon us now,” said Telah.

“Why have you chosen this man as a companion? Surely you could have found a more capable human,” said Kelo.

“I believe our methods are dissimilar. Would you save these humans through survival of the fittest?”

“I would.”

“Then I have only one thing left to determine. Telah, how would you save these humans?”

“Unite them under one leader, and guide that leader to safety.”

“Thank you, Telah, Kelo. Now, shall we be off?” I looked up. The box was now floating in front of me.

“Where to?”

“Wherever. We’ve got about a century of adventure ahead of us.”

“Wait a moment,” Kelo’s voice cut into our conversation, “How would you save these humans?”

“I wouldn’t. If their ancestors survived the Collapse I’m sure they can manage. Besides, I have another plan, wait a hundred years and you might see what it is.”



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