Wake Up

                Wake up. What’s up? Why am I up? Am I up? Knocking. All around. Cat’s hissing. In the living room? Yes, the living room. Get up. Stumble. Steady. Wake up.

                Walked into the living room to find the cat staring at a window, hissing and baring its fangs. The cat is usually pretty quiet, why is it so worked up? Walked over to the window and looked out. Face. I stumbled back. Look again, no face. Cat’s calmed down. I go back to bed.

                Wake up. Again? Again. Knocking all around. Cat’s hissing in the living room. Get up. More awake now. Steady. Wake up.

                Cat’s up. Staring at the window again. Look out. Face. Prepared now. Keep watching. No blinking. No looking away. All silence. Face is there. Face is not there, yet there. Face has no face. Eyes are heavy. No blinking. Where’s the room? No looking away. Sleep now. Face death.


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