We’re All Mad Here

     Everyday they pass by. Clock says it’s always at the same time every day, but I have my doubts. He says a lot of things happen at the same time every day. Most of them don’t bother with a uniform here, why bother? People see what they want to see, after all, we’re all mad here.

The man in blue stands next to me for, Clock says, two hours. Why doesn’t he go with the others? And why is he in uniform? Is he not mad? No, he just doesn’t think he is, like Light and Clock and everyone else. We’re all mad here, whether we admit it or not.

Window was asking about the men’s faces, are they of sorrow or delight? Clock thinks it’s sorrow, because they must be sad about being stuck in here. Light suggested that it was both sorrow and delight, because they must be happy to be with like-minded people, even if they’re stuck here.

I think it’s pure delight, but they don’t care about each other. They just think their mad thoughts, and that makes them happy, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. We are all mad here, why should we care where we are?


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