Red Wheelbarrow Parody

It is quite

For a plastic

To be plugged

Before you call



When I am old, and can’t be bothered, I’ll have my food delivered. I’ll stay inside and never come out, save for Sundays and the occasional Con. I’ll live in a little old cabin in the back of the woods, but it must be connected to the outside world through whatever form the Internet has taken.


Since I won’t be as dexterous as I used to be, I’ll get robotic arms and a mind controlled computer. Have I mentioned how important it is that my cabin have plenty of power?


My brother shall kidnap me to bring me to family gatherings, at which I shall be the grumpy old grandpa with a heart of gold.

Although the food delivery man may fear my cabin in the woods, he has more to fear from me, for I am very particular about my food.