Silvano Winston Part 1

I could hear the sickening hum of the alien craft in the distance. I knew my glamour would hide me from their scanners, but visual clues would give me away, especially the path I had made coming into the forest. I was walking close to the trees, where the snow had been naturally packed down by falling debris.

I flattened myself against a tree as a Romal craft flew overhead. I wouldn’t usually, but right now I would rather be with the cows in the nearby farm, those used to provide us food before First Contact, than with these aliens. I was actually pretty impressed with myself.

I had gotten probably a cohort of Romals chasing me. Now what could I possibly have done to attract so much of the redskins’ attention? Wouldn’t you like to know.

The name’s Silvano Demetrius Winston. I was quite the alien conspiracy nut before First Contact. For those of you old enough to remember, that probably conjures up some fat guy sitting in his basement in the dark looking at a computer screen. That wasn’t quite me. The dark room and computer screen is true, but usually separately.

I was a scientist that specialized in analyzing samples of various kinds; metals, salts, gases, plants, animals, genetics, just about anything. It was all innocent enough until a professor friend called me up and told me about a scientist convention.  The scientists there had created a strange substance and he asked me to work my magic on it and analyze it.

I analyzed it, and found that it was putting out a signal that traveled at effectively instantaneous speeds, even faster than light. The signal was an amazing find, and the professor said he would do an in depth study of it and release a paper on it.

Come next month and I hadn’t seen anything of the sort, so I called him. He didn’t respond. After several attempts to reach him, I found out he had quit his job at the university and moved away without telling anyone where he was going.

I only had to wait another month before I heard anything from him. He called and asked me to come and get the sample. I arrived at the agreed upon meeting place, and the professor quickly handed it off to me and drove off before I could say anything.

Fast forward another three months. I hadn’t made any progress in understanding the sample. What I had made progress in was my dark room studies. Wouldn’t you like to know what that was? All in good time, though. In relation to that, I learned that NASA and other space agencies had spotted a strange, large object coming towards us through space.

It was about 200 kilometers across, which was enough cause for distress, but it was strangely symmetrical. It was, of course, the Mothership, which we soon found out as it came into orbit around us, and we sent up an emergency space mission.

It was impromptu, but fairly well organized. I expect there were government provisions for this sort of thing. Five astronauts went up to determine what it was, and, if it was indeed alien, try to communicate with the inhabitants. I’m not sure how they hoped to communicate, given what we knew of the aliens at the time. There was no guarantee that either race would understand the other.

As it was, they had no luck getting into the craft, which from close up, it was pretty obvious that it was indeed of alien design. They tried their hand at radio, light, and any other form of communication they could think of. Unsurprisingly, they received no response. Until they were about to deorbit, that is.

The alien craft radioed back the astronauts that the atmosphere of our planet was incompatible, but that they were working on a solution for that. The aliens had quickly scanned all of our communications channels in order to communicate. They’ve had so much experience with ‘alien’ languages that ours was a piece of cake.

Most of you probably know the rest of their arrival. The Romals came down and asked us to work in their shipyards. It was supposedly a perfect deal. They got ships for their war and we got jobs. They had mentioned the other race that would come, but we forgot about that when there was nothing, even with the high orbit space stations that prevented unauthorized ships from warping into their sphere of influence. It wasn’t until the next year, after we had gotten comfortable with our new alien overlords, that there were the first signs of the Britals.

The Romals started to accelerate production of their ships, which meant more work for us. More and more ships warped into orbit and spread out around the entire planet. Soon we saw the reason for this business, when a new kind of ship warped in just outside the sphere of influence of the warp dampeners.

It was similar in design to the drones the Romals used to pinpoint our location. The Romal fleet quickly flew out to destroy it, but the Britals began warping in before the Romals got in range. The intergalactic war we had been warned about had begun. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about my dark room activities.


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