Silvano Winston Part 2

My dark room study days were some fun days. I and a few others were part of what we called ‘The Scales.’ It sounds fancier than it is. The idea for the name came from the symbolism between scales and balance. We had been preparing for the inevitable end of democracy, whether it came in our lifetime or not. We were so good at our jobs that we probably knew more about the government than the people in it did.

There were five of us. Coincidentally, we used codenames related to space. The first of us went by the name Nova. He organized us and made sure we were all staying hidden. The next was known as Darkmatter. He was our hacker and database administrator, and kept us up to date on what the government was up to. Deimos and Phobos were our field agents. They worked in the higher levels of government, but I never found out what as. Then there was me, Kepler. I analyzed anything Darkmatter, Deimos, or Phobos sent me; coded messages, schematics, that sort of thing.

The government was completely transparent to us. If it was on their network, we had access to it. If it was in writing, we would find out about it and get pictures or copies. It wasn’t to make money. Selling the information was never a goal. We used this information to keep an eye on the inner workings of the government, and make sure there were no attempts to take away the peoples’ rights. If there had been, and it wasn’t stopped by politics, we would have started a revolution.

As it is, it never got to that point. The aliens arrived before that could happen, and when they arrived, our goals shifted to figuring them out. We needed to figure out how to monitor them to the same degree that we had been monitoring our own government. So we started a few small rebellions against the aliens around the world to see how they reacted. To say they were aggressive would be an understatement. Nevertheless, we had the information we needed.


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