Samuel’s Freedom

Prompt: You’re walking to grab lunch when you see a crowd gathered around a building. You look up and see that someone is standing on the ledge, looking to jump. You hear a police office close to you mention that the person is about to commit suicide. He also mentions the person’s name: and it’s someone you know! Write a scene where you attempt to stop the jumper from jumping. (I may not have followed it exactly.)


As I headed home, I could tell something was wrong. It wasn’t my stomach; other than the usual reasons, the dinner had been wonderful. It wasn’t my emotional state; Leah had been excellent company. I don’t know if it was the big crowd, or maybe the police cars, but something was definitely going on at the office. They were all looking up, which is usually a worthy exercise for the neck, when alternated with looking down, but in this case it was to actually see something.

It seemed to be a matter of life and death that I find out what they so desperately wanted to watch, so I joined the crowd in looking up. I honestly don’t think they could see anything; I certainly didn’t. With the aid of my trusty binoculars back home, however, I spotted a man on the edge of the office’s roof. Not only was it a man, but also a man I knew. Good old Samuel, always promoting neck-stretching.

I supposed I ought to inform him of the half-stretching dilemma, so up I went to the top of the office. It didn’t take long, just a blink in time. I think he was surprised when he noticed me up there with him—something about the doors being locked, not that I paid much attention to that. I informed him of the issue, and suggested a solution, but he seemed rather confused. He didn’t like what I said, but was going to do it anyway.

I told him to hurry up so that the people could get on with their lives, to which he agreed. Before he wrapped up the exercise, I suggested a new exercise, and then let him conclude his escapade. The people below finally got to lower their heads, slowly of course–you wouldn’t want to be too quick and pull a muscle–and some even exhaled nicely.

Samuel gave up his body beautifully. He was a wonderful example for the world of how to be free. He’s like me now.


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