Olympian Egyptian

Preface: Another prequel to Alice. This is my first attempt at writing in present tense.

Wait, why can I still think? Isn’t that a spear sticking out of my head? I’m  pretty sure that’s a spear. No, wait, it’s not stuck in my head anymore, someone’s pulled it out. I think they just noticed my eyes flicking back and forth because he just rammed the spear into my chest. Repeatedly.

Yeah, I should be dead. Not that I’m complaining, or anything, but still, I’m pretty sure people die when they get their head smashed in and their body stabbed again and again. I kind of try to stand up, but it doesn’t go so well. He knocks me back down and calls for a mystic.

I try to get up again, this time remembering to deal with the spear, which I use to pull myself up. He jumps back and says a quick prayer to Ammut. I point the spear in his direction and touch my head. I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be flesh there.

A mystic runs in and exchanges a few words with the soldier. I grab the spear with both hands and start walking towards them. The mystic turns and flashes a medallion at me. I’m disoriented for a few seconds, which is long enough for the mystic to begin the summoning of Anubis.

I know enough to know I should be dead, and they want me to stay that way, especially so that I don’t become a figure of resistance for the other girls. Ammut and Anubis are the ones responsible for that. I attack the mystic, or rather, try to. He flashes a medallion, different from before, and I hit an invisible wall. I walk all around the two of them, but they are protected by the mystic’s powers.

After a few moments, Anubis’s summoning is complete, and he appears behind the wall. He looks between the two of them, the mystic and the soldier, and then tosses them  outside the wall. He stays within, holding the mystic’s medallion.

I take that opportunity to stab the mystic, then the soldier, and then, just for good measure, the mystic again. They’re still breathing, barely. Anubis says, “You would dare attack Serqet?”

The mystic managed to wheeze out, “How were we to know?” before he and the soldier died.

“You weren’t.” He turns to me and says, “Don’t get into trouble.”


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