She is Always Right

Prompt: The fortune teller was always right, but not this time.

The fortune teller was always right. That’s what they always told me. She predicted when and how my best friend would meet his wife. She predicted when and how my ex-girlfriend’s father would die. She predicted when and how my son would be born, and when and how he would die to cancer. Now she was predicting I would die in Vienna to Hemlock poisoning next week.

Now, I’m not bothered by hemlock poisoning; that would actually be a cool way to die. I’m just angry she made my son die. Don’t try to tell me she didn’t, she can’t be a fortune teller really. She somehow orchestrates all of this. I don’t know how, but she does.

So I’m going to kill myself now; with a gun, just to be sure. Slowly squeeze the trigger; wouldn’t want to miss. Bang.

Crap, I’m thinking. That’s not good. There’s a nurse. How did I survive that? I shot myself in the head for crying out loud! Oh well, at least I’ll have to recover here and not end up in Vienna. Besides, I can’t get a hold of hemlock here in the States without really trying.

Ah, nurses are saying I was shot in the head. I guess they don’t know it was a suicide attempt. They’re leaving, now it’s the doctor. He’s giving me a cup of water, telling me to drink it. Tastes good… Time to sleep.