I thought I’d try my hand at proper blogging. Well, not quite proper, seeing as how I won’t talk about my life much, but. When I first started writing, I just wrote whatever came to me with no paragraph breaks, no stopping, just writing. This is pretty much going to be the same thing at first, at least until I get comfortable enough to do this naturally without rambling. There will be two differences, however. One is that I won’t be writing fiction. Two is that there will be paragraph breaks.


Anyway, there’s a problem that has been preventing me from doing this before. That would be that people who know me read this blog–as far as I’m aware, they’re the only ones that read this other than the rare Russian, Czech Republican, and Tanzanian–so that means anything I write can and will be used against me at the dinner table. Even if my family/friends agree not to ask about it, they’ll still know it, and that could change our dynamic.

Oh, and I’m sure they’ll ask about this, so: Don’t ask.

To deal with this problem, as I mentioned, I won’t be writing about my life, but instead about various long-form thoughts that aren’t directly related to my life. They may be related in that they come from the parts of my life that I won’t be blogging, but I’ll mask that pretty well. Same goes for my poems ( Everything there relates to my life in the same way as any blog posts I do will. Only difference is that I won’t write entire blog posts in the Ancestor language that I occasionally use in my poems when what I want to say is to directly related to my life to mask effectively while still conveying the same message.

There’s something to mention. I write for myself. Whether or not someone understands it is of little matter to me. That’s one reason I’m going into Game Design as opposed to writing. Writing is for me, and if someone else enjoys it or understands it, that’s an added bonus. As such, writing in the Ancestor language has the same effect as writing in English, with the added bonus of helping me create said language.

I guess that will do for now. I don’t know how long blog posts are supposed to be, just that they should probably be longer than my poems.


PS: Kilo trasardur eht gru


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