So… I moved into my college on Friday. That’s a thing that’s happened. Also, family, apparently this is how you’ll get updates from me, at least for this weekend.

Move in: I moved in, met my roommates, went to some stuff, and my roommates and I spent a good half-hour moving the furniture around in our room. So far, our room has been complimented every time someone comes in or hears that’s where we are and knows it (non-first-years). I would assume that’s because we’re in the basement, the room is fairly big(ger than theirs), and we moved everything around to a better position.

Listened to Stuffs: Blah blah blah stuffs. Most of them weren’t too boring, but for the most part inapplicable to myself, either because of seeing everything as Blink (by Malcolm Gladwell), or because of where I am in my thinking.

People: First, I’m going to summarize my friends from home. They’re awesome. However, most of them don’t game anywhere close to how much I do, don’t consume anywhere near as much gaming news/content, and most that play anything more than mobile games tend to play on consoles, which makes conversations about gaming very difficult to have. Sure, there would be the occasional game we would all have in common and so would be able to talk about, but those were mostly the AAA games, the big, popular, of-course-they-play-it games. Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty to talk about, just not games so much.

Here at college, with over half the class in the creative media division and the largest major being Game Design, there are plenty of people that know what they’re talking about, and know all of the references I use, even to the most obscure of things. It’s really quite awesome, if you couldn’t tell from how I wrote that. I just had a conversation for about 45 minutes about the games industry and where it could go, where it’s been, and where it is. That didn’t happen in high school, except maybe, maybe with one of my friends (sorry to any friends where that just didn’t come up, we’ll have to talk over breaks).

Classes: Haven’t had them yet, but I’m excited for four of them and not not looking forward to the fifth.

Life: In use.

Writing: Due to above, I suspect it will be going better than it has been all summer. Expect [and pray(/hope)] that my writing should return to its productive awesomeness.

Conclusion: Concluded


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