A Thing?

This post will have less of a focus than the last, but don’t care about that. No, seriously, that’s a stupid thing to care about.

So I’ve noticed a few things during these two weeks of college. Main thing and why I’m writing this post is impossible to foreshadow without being obvious, so I’ll just say it. I miss home.

Yes, I was recently sick, but my mental health is still intact, thanks for asking. Of course, being sick made me realize the comforts of home were gone: there’s no infinite supply of Nyquil and Advil Cold & Sinus here! But also there was no one to complain to. I didn’t even realize that was something I did, but given the fact that I miss(ed) it, it must be. I’m not even sure if ‘complain’ is quite the right word, but it’s what I’ll use.

Did I say this wouldn’t have as much focus? I meant this would have next to no focus.

Another thing is more awesome. Background information: At home I have a great church with great sermons and people and stuff, but no one my age. Even from previous churches I have basically two Christian friends my age, both of whom I barely keep in touch with. Fast forward to now: there is a chapter of Intervarsity here, which basically means there’s a group of Christians on campus that I can easily connect with. Today was the first bible study, but that pales in comparison to the conversation I and two of the others that are a part of it had.

I have never had a youth group of any kind where I felt like we were similar enough in beliefs that we would get along, but dissimilar enough that we could have a discussion about stuff without it becoming preaching to the choir.

Final little thing I wanted to mention: to those that feel they fall under the mandate of silence that I gave in my first proper blog post, I have a compromise for you. I will (probably) answer anything you ask if you ask it in a comment on here. I’ve noticed myself to be predisposed to emotions and sharing them in text rather than in speech. I may go into why in a later post, but for now, just know that you can get some answers.

And that applies to older posts, too, even though they’re old, I’ll still respond to stuff on them.

Oh! One last thing. Why does no one know the proper way to capitalize titles? If you think you know, just google it. Chances are someone reading this is wrong.


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