Personal Oddities

I don’t actual know if that title should be pluralized yet. I’ve only thought of one oddity at the moment.

First one is the one that prompted this post. I like to keep people on certain sides of me. A perfect example of this is what would happen after every writing club meeting. I would walk with my friend and vice-president/dictator/leader/monarch to her locker, and then on to the front of the high school. I walked on her left, but her locker was also on the left side of the hall. Often times what happened is we would stop at her locker, and then when we continued on I ended up on her right, and that’s just not right.

Another example is what happened today on the way to church. I was walking with two others in a triangle formation pointed back with myself as the back point. Thus, I was in the middle, one was to my left, and the other was on my right. Just from me telling this as an example, you know it didn’t stay that way. At one of the crosswalks, they ended up switching. Right was left and left was right, and that’s just not right.

Another oddity I thought of is that, due to my high N (MBTI), I assimilate others’ personalities into a general framework and can’t describe it, at least not in terms most people understand. If you asked me what someone’s like, I wouldn’t be able to tell you in words. I could, however, tell you what my assimilation had typed them as in terms of Myers-Briggs. In my Communications class, all of us students had to give an introduction speech, and those that weren’t giving the speech at the time were to take notes on their impressions of the speaker. So, of course, I typed everyone as best as I could.

Obviously, typing someone else isn’t very accurate, so my impressions of someone aren’t any better than anyone else’s. They’re just less understandable.

Oddity number three: Definitions. I have strange ones. Prime example is differentiating between an oddity and a quirk. This came up when I asked my sister for some more personal oddities, and she mentioned that I say “admittedly” a lot, but that’s a quirk, not an oddity. Don’t ask me what the difference is. That’s the main problem with me having strange definitions. If I can’t define them, they’re useless when used to communicate with others.

Of course, generally my definition is close enough to the actual one to get the general gist across, but if I’m asking my sister for an oddity, then I risk getting a quirk.

That’s all I could think of. I’m sure there are others. In any case, it seems my pluralization was correct.


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