You Get What You Ask For

Speaking of poetry being emotions and having a point…

You know how I care,
And it rends at my heart
To hear you speak your life
And of ills you don’t know

How do you persist
Without a power in the world
That understands your plight;
Died so you would not?

YANA and Listen!
The words I cry to Self
Are not just what I need
But all who live must hear

But how can I show
What you need most clear?
What are the words
That I must speak?

Your heart is so sick
And so precious to me
Yet I can do little
To breathe life into it

How do I tell you
The cure for your aches
Without the words
I have yet to speak?

I don’t know if you’ll see this,
If you’ll understand,
But I know that the answer
Lies in the answer

He’ll show me the words,
He’ll show me the time,
And He’ll show me what you
Need to hear most

I don’t know if you
Will take hold of His hand
But I pray everyday
You draw closer to Him

Without His embrace
Or His payment for you
You live in a world
So bleak and so cold

I am given the task
Of talking to you
Of showing to you
That life can be better

But trust when I say,
YANA, Zilo,
Others have struggled,
But in Him I trust


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