I Had a Dream

And that dream was four and a half years ago.

It was right before my first year of high school, or, more accurately, my first year of school. I had been homeschooled all my life, so going to school, in addition to it being high school, was completely new. Add to that all the horror stories my family was giving me, about how hard it would be and how much work there would be, and then also my natural shyness, and I was pretty nervous (for me, that is. Nervous is not something I get very strongly unless it’s interpersonal).

The dream was fairly complex at the time, but since then I have forgotten the details. There were two characters, but the second one was only there to fulfill a third wheel, token minority role, so I won’t talk about him. The other character was a girl named Tiki, and we became quick friends and went on various hijinks together (with the third-wheel. I couldn’t even remember his name when I woke up). She, through that dream, calmed my nerves.

After that, I referred to any of my gal friends who were especially influential in my personal growth as Tiki. Conveniently, I met someone who went by Kiki soon after starting school, and her friend group was an extremely helpful support group, though they didn’t know it. Later I became friends with some other Tikis, each one coming after drifting apart from the last or after the dynamic of our relationship changed so that they were no longer so much the guide.

Now, I am in college, where the previous Tiki is not. I’ve swapped roles with the previous Tiki, but there’s still room for another Tiki. I’m not done growing yet. Fortunately, I’ve found a Tiki here. Tikis are awesome.

Maybe I’ll talk about the Unspoken or my pointer and ring fingers next…


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