I said I’d do a post on these, so here you go.

I’m weird. I can categorize people in order to control how I interact with them. For example, doctors are inhuman, making any awkwardness that may arise not awkward. Of course, if that was all there was to categorization, this would be a very short post. No, there are also certain times when I need to recategorize people so that I treat them… appropriately? Not quite the right word, but it gets the point across.

I’ll explain the categories I have names for before I get into recategorization.

Piktevyel (pike-teev-yeel) – Yes, I use my ancestor language for these categories. This one translates to ‘mind sibling.’ Piktevyelt are, in the ancestors’ culture, very good friends that one can talk to about anything, hang out with all the time, and are all around best friends if it weren’t for the fact that I refuse to use the term ‘best friend’ to refer to more than one person.  In my use, however, it is a term of romantic affection. A pet name, if you will.

Vitevyel (vie-teev-yeel) – Translates poorly–neither true nor false, alive nor dead sibling. Vimtevyelt are the friends that I care about their well-being enough to check up on them fairly frequently (to make sure they’re not dead).

Letur (lee-tür) – ‘Safe person.’ The friends that I feel safe around enough to talk freely. Since I have trouble speaking my mind in a lot of situations, these friends have their own, special category.

Those are the ones I have names for. I suppose I could name the inhuman one (‘Kitur’), but they rarely come up.

So, recategorization. It usually comes up when someone is a piktevyel and I need to stop treating them as such, usually after a rejection or other such situation. Usually they go down to a vitevyel, though sometimes a letur. Unfortunately, I’m not so awesome that I can recategorize on the fly. There has to be a catalyst. The catalyst is usually the rejection, or sometimes seeing them with someone else. Until then, they’re stuck as a piktevyel.

And to those wondering (I saw a whole zero hands), this also helps with the rejection part. And by ‘helps’ I mean it makes it a virtual non-issue. ‘No’ is not the end. ‘No’ is simply the signal to recategorize. I love my systematic mind.

Now, then, will I regret posting this?



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