This Love

I can incriminate myself this time because I know the person this poem’s about doesn’t read my blog. Probably. Plus they already knew this stuff to be true at one point, and I suspect they still know (or are really dense).

This Love
My heart aches for you
As it tends to do
I long for you
To be happy too

A cliché of romance:
An aching heart,
Dancing eyes,
That shy smile.

That’s not this love

This love
It is not romantic;
It is not familial;
It is not sexual, platonic, or conceptual.

This love is pure.
A desire to see the best for you,
To see you through the hard times
And laugh with you in the good.

This love is pure.
No expectation of recompense;
No unspoken debt;
No secret agendas.

This love is pure.
A riot in the streets of my mind
When I hear you hurting
Or fearing the pain of the world

This love is pure.
This love is not society’s love.
This love is complicated,
But very simple


This love is for you


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