What if I Died?

Would you even know? Sure, if you’re a friend of my family you can find out easy enough, but if not? I’m not sure you would be able to find out without Google stalking me.

Also, disclaimer: I wouldn’t worry about me dying. This is purely a thought experiment because I think about everything.

This topic came up because, like I said, I think about everything, so I was thinking about what would happen if a certain friend of mine died, mostly focused on how I would find out. Since I’m not connected with their family or most of their friends, I don’t know if I ever would without the aforementioned Google stalking.

So what about me?If you’re a friend of my families, you’ll find out through them. That’s pretty easy.

If you’re a friend of my families, you’ll find out through them. That’s pretty easy.

If you’re a student at my college, you would probably get an email from the president about me. Also easy.

If you were a student from my high school that I don’t keep in particular touch with, then you might not find out. There would probably be something/s on my Facebook page from people, so you could find out that way.

If you were a student from my high school that I keep in touch with via text, good luck finding out. My phone (and iPad) are password protected with a password that no one else knows, so you wouldn’t receive a response from any texts. I’m sure my phone number would be disabled anyway, but that would just tell you that my phone number is no longer what it was. Then you might try to contact me through one of the other avenues you have access to, such as email.

Here we reach the main problem. Like with my phone, no one knows my email’s password, so they couldn’t get in from their own computer to respond to any emails. If they were on my computer, they could just use the autofill, but no one has the password to my computer either.

This also means that all of my unpublished work would continue to go unpublished (save for one or two things that I’ve shared privately). No one who only reads this blog would know I died. People who follow my DeviantArt wouldn’t know either, especially since it’s not uncommon for me to not post anything for a while.

So unless you know my family, are a student at my college, or are actively on Facebook (and that’s iffy), you probably won’t know I died. I should probably have some sort of contingency plan… I guess that’s called a will. That sounds like too much work. Almost as much work as putting a work order in to fix my thermostat because it’s broken and has the room at nearly 80 degrees and has a digital ‘E5’ on the display… I should really do that.

But I digress. The next post probably won’t be for several weeks unless I think of something else in the meantime. If I don’t, though, it will be about the strangeness of life. Probably.


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