Let God Love You

I hear you as the anniversary draws near
And every fiber of my body wants to scream
Every second I talk to you, listen to you
All I can think is one word:

He wouldn’t fix everything in your life
Bring your step-father back from the dead
Or make your brain normal (whatever that is)
But he can be there better than I
He is God

I listen as best as I can as your pour out your heart
Listen to all of the death and pestilence in your life
And I know that it’s scary to feel so helpless
To be in a place where you can’t do anything
So let God love you

If we let Him love us, we know we are helpless
We can’t return the favor, we hate being in debt
In a debt we can’t repay with anything we have
Because we are human, and He is

But that’s okay

He is God

Being helpless is okay

So let God love you

Because every fiber of my body screams